The aesthetically designed microwave oven makes cooking as easy as can be while remaining energy efficient

Karachi – 6th January, 2012: Dawlance, the No. 1 home appliances brand in Pakistan recently added another innovative product to their Health Zone technology range; the DW115 CHZ microwave, which provides the convenience of cooking with the touch of a single button. The Dawlance Health Zone category incorporates cutting-edge technology to design state of the art products that provide health benefits to consumers ensuring hygiene and maximum preservation of natural ingredients in meals.

A recent study conducted by Dawlance, revealed that majority of the people avoid using microwave ovens due to the fear of high electricity consumption. This is a prime misconception, infact even if the microwave oven is used for a whole hour, the energy consumed, when converted to PKR is just Rs. 15! Hence you may well imagine, since normally microwaves used are just switched on for 2-3 minutes, thus consume PKR 1 Maximum for that duration, of the total electricity bill.

The DW115 CHZ microwave oven has been designed keeping in mind the modern needs of present times. With changing lifestyles and the need for convenience, the Dawlance DW115 CHZ microwave oven provides the luxury of microwave baking; from appetizers to delicious cakes and traditional dishes, this particular model makes cooking easy yet fun for the modern household female. The “Keep Warm” feature makes this particular model a must have for the modern woman; be it a housewife or a working woman, the Keep Warm feature is a source of ultimate convenience that keeps food warm and preserves its natural ingredients in the microwave for a longer period of time thus making your meals more delicious.

With 64 built-in-recipes with a touch of convenience, it aims to promote microwave cooking and baking with convenience.

Positioned as a lifestyle product that provides the user comfort in everyday life, the DW115 CHZ is available in a beautiful design of floral pattern and a stainless steel cavity. With digitalized controls, this model also includes the calorie indicator for the health-conscious. The built-in deodorizer function ensures a pleasant smell after every use keeping every meal’s natural flavoring and smells intact as well as ensuring the appliances’ hygiene.

Speaking about the DW115 CHZ microwave oven, Dawlance Microwaves Category Manager, Ms. Naushin Shahid said: “Nowadays women have to play multi-faceted roles: being the mothers, wives, career women, socialites and the complete home-makers. For being complete ‘All Rounder’s’ in today’s fast paced world, their prime assistant at home is the microwave and DW 115 CHZ All Rounder Microwave, which not only provides the convenience of heating, but also keeping food warm, cooking and  as well as baking, with 64 Built-in recipes, is the ultimate choice! This not only acts as a helping hand in the kitchen, but also enables the modern woman to win the hearts of her husband, children and all loved ones around her.”

With the introduction of the best in technology, Dawlance has consistently made efforts to provide consumers with reliable solutions for their everyday lifestyle needs. With an aim to create value, Dawlance proves to be the most reliable and innovative home appliance brand in Pakistan that continues to enrich the trust of Pakistani consumers.